I’m caught off guard by how much it hurts

I launched myself as far away as I could
Found a different orbit round a frosty planet
It’s suited me to feel all emotion fade
All feeling recede and curl into itself
Hibernating in the winter of my losses
Frozen into blissfully empty dreams

Lately though, a sound has been coming through
Static on the wires, sparking synapses to fire
I’m surprised to notice my heart still beats
Blood thaws, the fire in my belly leaps to life
Like pins and needles of the soul is this flow
It burns, sears itself through every nerve and fibre

Myself wakes shivering, ears tuned to the signal
A sound, a vibration that melds to my own pulse
Calling me, calling to the depths of my core
A howl that I must rouse to answer
“The winter of your soul is over now”
Polaris Exile, it’s time for reentry

~ kei
10 June 2015

Stardust woman

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