Those Moments…

Just a stranger on the bus but I couldn’t look away
I fumble with my pass and a carryall of dirt and flowers
Determined not to drop them or stumble ignominiously
Eyes ahead targeting a seat with room for rhododendrons
Our eyes meet and lock and I am electrified

It’s him
It’s not him
It’s him oh my god
You’re an idiot
He’s beautiful

My heart has stopped beating for a moment but I have to move
I tear my eyes away and walk past like the queen of the garden… or the route 118
Settling into my seat I realize I look like a tree-hugging urchin
He glances back and I am frozen in his gaze frozen flame that is

It’s him
For fuck’s sake stop
Look at his hair his beard
Shut up
Chocolate eyes…

Easy grace in his posture, a nod of his head
Please don’t notice me I’m straight from the garden
Ringlets, glowing, no sunscreen – damn! Grass stained knees
He’s caught me staring again and smiles, I almost miss my stop

He’s beautiful
You’re a goof
I want to just grab him and kiss him
Walk right up and kiss a stranger?
I have a feeling he won’t mind
You have a snapdragon behind your ear Hot Stuff

I get off at my stop drunk on a little daydream
Drunk on a stranger’s pheromones and a glance
Just a chance backward glance as the bus pulled away
He turned, fingertips to glass, a look that was an orgasm waiting to happen
A summertime, sunshine random beautiful man connection

~ kei
9 June 2015

He On Bus

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    • He’s a dead ringer for the man formerly known as Fiancé. Now if “Mr. Bohannon” were available… ‘Cause I’d totally stand a chance 😀
      Have a good one!

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