Another Time, Another Me…

All day an insistent whisper at the back of my mind
An echo from a memory of a springtime left behind

In the quiet of my garden, errant thoughts flowing free
The kiss of sun brings total recall of an anniversary

A hazy spring, an almost summer, a leafy canopy above
The rites of the season, me and you, my first taste of love

It’s the scent on the breeze and a certain slant of sun
Transports me to the time when you and I were one

Trembling fingers on pristine skin, this time not to be denied
Sweet surrender, sweat and thunder, tears of release cried

Such a blissful fragment of a long ago, I cherish to this day
A girl child followed you into the glade, a woman walked away

~ kei
9 June 2015

The Woods 9 June

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