Jealousy woke me out of my sleep a short while ago

Not mine. I’m rarely if ever jealous. Honestly. Ask anyone I’ve ever had a relationship with.
Yes, even the crazy dude. If he could, he’d tell you the insane lengths he had to go to, to create the appearance of me being jealous.

Jealousy is nasty on so many levels and giving in to it makes ordinary, decent people behave in the basest of ways. The worst bit is, they feel justified to act on a contrived emotion. If you step back from it, the jealous person is the one acting like a twit, not the target of their insecurities.

Because there it is. Jealousy stems from our own insecurities. Our own negative perceptions of ourselves, projected onto someone else and fanned into life. It’s easier to be angry at someone else for an imaginary wrong, than to face what may be triggering our anger.

Jealousy kills.

A little part of your soul dies when you are cruel, gossip, lie about or are dismissive to another human only because you feel diminished by them.

Just thinking this morning…

~ kei
8 June 2015