I’m Wanted…

Shh… I’m in the Facebook Flaunter of Post Rules Protection Program.

Today is 1 June 2015 and in my family, we have a tradition – more like superstition because any moment now, the texts will start coming in, “Did you say rabbits”, “Rabbits!”, “bunny emoticon”.

So, I post on Facebook like I do most first of the month:

Rabbits Are Banned

and get THIS:

Facebook Fail

Who knew rabbits were so subversive, evil, frightening, atrocious, awful…

It’s bad enough that FB “Big Brothers” our business pages – but they do it on our personal pages too. If your Great Auntie Zepzerella isn’t a big poster, you won’t ever see when she posts her prize-winning petunias. Why? Her posts have been deemed less interesting to you than Cousin Hortensia’s eight posts a day about her arse-picking boyfriend!

Damn (I may curse a LOT in my next few posts, just ’cause I can do that here). Damn, it’s a good thing I don’t share my posts from “Unconfined” on FB. I’d be in virtual jail!

Cheers fellow Poets & Poetesses – and for the love of whatever, don’t be saying “cwningen” anywhere where you might be overheard! I think I have a case here for discrimination against the Welsh <– tongue in cheek, just in case I’m being followed!

This message will now self destruct…

~ kei
1 June 2015

Rabbits 1 June 2015

What? Me worry?

4 thoughts on “I’m Wanted…

  1. I see they have sunk to an even lower level of censorship. You must know that rabbits are terrorists, likely for their ability to strain the economy. :/

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    • Rabbits and my children! This is my second offence, so I’m getting off easy I think. I had the nerve to (try) post a picture of my kids a few months back 😉
      If it seems I’ve gone off the grid for the next while, the Facebook Gestap-bunnies Squad has seen my latest tweet!

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      • Kids are the most dangerous message to send! It’s like you want to be a dissident. They’ve already got your nunber, step lightly… 😉

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