The only thing that could spoil a day was people. People were always the limiters of happiness, except for the very few that were as good as spring itself.

~ Ernest Hemingway

People always have an expected gain when they volunteer information.

Frankly, I am inclined to be suspicious about the motives and integrity of someone who tells me something negative about another person without facts or evidence. Certainly, It begs the question: why is the teller so threatened by the person they are maligning?

As writers, we know the importance of research, checking details and sources and if it matters to me at all, I’ll be check the facts rather than to act – in any way – that gives credence to what is only gossip unless and until all sides are out in the open and not whispered “behind the walls”.

… just thinking this AM

~ kei
30 May 2015

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  1. What a wonderful read first thing in the morning. Said with such grace and commitment. I suspect your words are worth their weight in gold young lady. Truly a flawless plan to move ahead. Bravo to you! :o)

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    • Thank you so much, truly. I’m ever hopeful that people take the time to form their own opinion. I believe that being personable and professional is the best invitation to make that happen. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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      • Then young lady, you are walking a path for which you created and such walks will be better served with your good energy rather than others who invite negative thinking into their world. You too, have a fantastic and enjoyable weekend! :o)

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    • I wish for that too. I’ve been on the receiving end and it never ceases to amaze me that “adults” resort to this. In my country, we call it slander. I guess the worst part is that intelligent folk just believe it out of inertia or the false camaraderie of Internet relationships (some not all of those of course!)
      Feel free to share this if you’d like to and thank you 🙂

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      • Thank you, Karin. I will. You make some very good points in your comment, especially in regard to internet relationships. We humans hardly prove the point of our true potential intellect in these cases, which seem to be all too frequent.

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  2. Wonderful thoughts and I couldn’t agree with you more. When it comes to “gossip”, I always say there is 3 sides to every story… The speaker’s side, the target’s side, and the truth. Unfortunately, the truth can’t always be known, so take everything with a grain of salt.

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    • Absolutely! The point that I hoped to make is that the listener should hear all the perspectives and not act unless they do. It doesn’t make sense to snub another based upon gossip. When we do that, a wrong is perpetuated, a bad person’s actions are validated and an innocent party is tarnished.
      And… that sucks! 🙂

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