It’s not you, it’s me, it’s not that, it’s this…

Maybe words can’t break you
But they can sure as hell shake you
And Baby, I’ve been tossed
So heedlessly crossed
Off your list of pure perfection
I was abused
And I’ve been bruised
By the absence of your affection
No, no, it wasn’t your fault
That’s what makes it even worse
That there is no one to blame
Just my youthful self’s curse
What could be worse than this
To know I’m never missed
That I won’t taste your kiss
Waiting patiently in this turmoil
From this sunrise to that sunset
Seeing a beautiful inevitable
A serendipity neither of us will forget
How blind can you be
How foolish, can’t you see
That I am the the only lock
To your stubbornly guarded key

~ kei
25 May 2015

The Key Of We

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