Old Soldiers And Fallen Angels

I’m Canadian and observe Remembrance Day on November 11 each year. I was engaged to an American who served and I had got in the habit of posting my personal observances on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. This 25th of May will mark the one year interval since his death and my former wedding anniversary… lots of memories. So, one last time.

Once upon a time, I loved a soldier…

His topaz eyes turned to me, dusty
In the middle of the blazing desert
Pleading for the coolness
Of the rain I couldn’t make fall
Onto the furnace raging in his soul
And all around him
While the bombs fell and ghosts disguised
As comrades lay down in the burning sand
With all his hopes and dreams
And I felt his hold slipping, losing grip
From a thousand miles away
Felt his sanity slip… Calling me
Over the sound of a world exploding
I could taste copper in my mouth
And the blood in my eyes obscured
The river where we had lain so long ago
The green grass under my naked back
His hips held tight entwined in my thighs
Those eyes and blue skies
Helicopter rotor, bombs, mortars
I felt him slip away from me and into
The lying arms of baked, sere ground
The ringing in my ears was a dirge
Moaning my name and I came
To cover his body with green
With my riverbanks and oceans
And dreams of what we should have been
I have sung him home to my arms
To hold him here in the last breath
Of these old and aching lungs
And I will happily relinquish this breath
To hold his hand again, to run
To jump into the cold water
Hold his perfect body close to mine
Just one more time
On riverbanks of green

© Karin Bole Tupper
23 November 2012

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8 thoughts on “Old Soldiers And Fallen Angels

  1. Just beautiful Karin…beautiful.

    It is a special feeling to know one’s true love, even though we may not get to keep it. So few ever find it in the first place.

    I’m so sorry for your loss.


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