6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Definition of lazy: la·zy ˈlāzē/Submit adjective 1. unwilling to work or use energy. “I’m very lazy by nature”. Synonyms:idle, indolent, slothful, work-shy, shiftless, inactive, underactive, sluggish, lethargic; remiss, negligent, slack, lax, lackadaisical “the lazy volunteers were sent home”.


  2. Hmmm you can go a little lighter on the lazy aspect. I am sure you meant to delve into the hard work and efforts that a paper carrier would have to perform each day to bring the daily news to one’s doorstep. I was one of those as a kid, so I know what you were getting at! All the words are between the lines :o)


    • I am amazed at the perfect placement on the ground – rain, snow, sleet or ice – directly in front of the front step as opposed to in the mailbox / hooks, where the materials might be readable and not a soggy, bug-ridden, sidewalk salt encrusted recycle bin liner

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