I Recant

I did say that I would never fall in love again. I meant it. Too long spent on “getting to know you”, only to be disappointed by the chafe that follows the “honeymoon” period. And then there’s the boredom that comes after so many years together. Dependable yes, but these relationships often wind up “down at heels”.

Today though, I recant my statement. I am smitten, head over heels as it were. I’ve found love again  and I can see a long and happy future for us!

~ kei
12 May 2015

Flip Flop Mosaic

Top Left: Goodbye Old Friends I – Over ten years of great summer memories
Top Right: Goodbye Old Friends II – And they show it!
Bottom Left: Hello New Love I – it’s about time!
Bottom Right: Hello New Love II – New flip flops are good for the “sole”.

2 thoughts on “I Recant

  1. LOL! That is so true about shoes. I’m one of those that finds it hard to let go of a good pair of flip flops unless the thong breaks, then they just aren’t the same anymore.


    • I live in mine for the season that is not “Hockey” in Canada. These new ones are darn near perfect for my ballerina feet. ‘Sides somebody round the WP Corral needs to lighten things up once in a while!

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