All That Remains

I still struggle with unresolved feelings
Anger, Disbelief, Loss, Grief
Gradually, these are being replaced
Time, the gentle healer works magick
My twin-spirited Poet, you lost the battle
Your inner darkness was too strong
Misunderstood, others helped it flourish
Good and evil, charming and cruel
So desperate for love, so destructive with it
I find that I mourn for both of you

The man you wanted the world to see
The man who desperately clung to me

My lover who was a stranger
Who gambled and lost with danger

Unpacking the detritus of my old life
I come across these trinkets and mementos
They don’t hurt me anymore
In fact, I’m glad to have them
They remind me of the other man
The better man
The one you said you wanted to be
Your half of you and me
Gone with the doppelgänger
That the world knew
Inextricably, one and the same
I mourn both the men
Who had one name…

~ kei
11 May 2015

Happy 55th Birthday Peter. Some things cannot be erased but resolution and forgiveness can come from the most unlikely sources and when we need it most…

All That Remains ©Karin Bole Tupper

All That Remains
©Karin Bole Tupper

5 thoughts on “All That Remains

  1. Wonderful. I can so relate to this poem of yours. I’m glad to have found your site which I stumbled upon through your comment on Kim Saeed’s blog, Let Me Reach. Blessings!


    • I”m glad and thank you so much for stopping by. I’ve gone through a few stages now since I left my Narc and his subsequent death; this was once a very angry blog! Knowledge and time are a huge help and passing that along to others too. Kim was a huge help to me in helping me understand what I faced and steps to take to find the way back to me. It’s a journey but then, everything is 🙂
      Take care and blessed be ~ kei

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      • I completely understand and relate…
        The healing seems to happen in waves even after some time, I find something else arises within me to be released.
        Cheers to time, empowerment, sharing and healing. –💗


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