From The Diary Of A Lady

~ Excerpt 2 May xxxx

This is the private journal of Lady Karin Elizabeth Tupper Bole-ington the Third by Proxy.

A lovely soirée is planned for this evening. My daughter, the most beautiful and talented Lady Caitlyn Elizabeth Bole-ington Ghadbanishness of Doom will be performing at a lovely venue with her musical retinue, The Amazing Mummers of M’Alice Cooperson.

I am most singularly perturbed and wishing greatly for a fainting couch, unfortunately stolen for the purpose of repaying debts, by the cad Sir – though he doesn’t merit his father’s title – Limpnoodleston Swindless of Perfidoria, my erstwhile beau and failed spaghetti merchant. It’s been a fortnight times thirty-six weeks since my last foray to the Opera District and I am in something of a dither!

A pox upon great-grand-aunty-cousin-twice-removed-theodosia-karmelina-snickelfritz-bottomsupendish for passing down this purple hair!!
It is so-o-o-o vexing having to match the shade of violet damson plum without my maidservants about to help me.
God knows how I’ll lace myself into the cantilever underpinnings of Spanx for this evening’s festivities…

In truth, the assigned duties of parent and the requisite societal requirement to be not only presentable but… fun… are enough to give me the vapours! I do look forward, dearest diary to having delightful tales and tidbits to share of the evening when I return to you tomorrow.

~ kei (the erstwhile Lady Karin, etc. etc.)
2 May 2015


11 thoughts on “From The Diary Of A Lady

  1. Egad, this social concatenation is deuced wearing on the britches! Marmaduke Farquar-Fortesque-Smythe (Bart)…



    • Thank you so much for the reblog! I did survive the festivities though I’m wishing a pox upon the person who neglected to provide two strong (cute) men with the delicate heeled slippers that I wore, LOL 🙂


  2. Zounds and gadzooks, Lady KETBI-i III,
    Poxy or otherwise, AnElephant volunteers to stand in or, indeed, lie down, for your fainting couch.
    Whereafter, as a gentleman must, he will endeavour to loosen your bodice and apply trunk to mouth resuscitation.


    • Lady Kei is pleased to inform Sir Elephant that her dance card has a pachyderm-sized place held in reserve for him.
      She notes in her journal to ensure that her fan is in her reticule, as a lady overcome with mirthful chortling, can become overmuch warm! 🙂 🙂


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