Book Review

I’m surprised (and secretly amused) to have just read that David Morrell –  a Canadian – is the creator of the “Rambo” character. Who’d have thought a guy from ” just down the way” as it were, could have invented a character that is referred to as a cultural icon by Wikipedia:

Note: “John Rambo is considered a cultural icon. The character influenced many action heroes and films in the 1980s and ’90s. The John Rambo character became a prominent part of pop culture, and “Rambo”, a word that can function as a noun, adjective, or a verb, became part of the English language. Perhaps more crucial from a cultural perspective, Rambo is a word that can be found in the prestigious Oxford English Dictionary. According to this source, Rambo is “a Vietnam War veteran represented as macho, self-sufficient and bent on violent retribution.” As well, it is widely popular to use adjectives such as Ramboesque, Ramboid, or Ramboism, to denote an ideological position that resembles Rambo’s attitude and behavior.”

So now that my twisted sense of humour is revealed, I guess I’d better review the book, if only in the interests of tying the title to the post!

Inspector of the Dead (Thomas De Quincey #2) by David Morrell is awesome!


I need a Sugar Daddy for my reading habit. That said, Audible has a 50% sale on at the moment. You should go. Audible is the best thing since books!

Oh! And… I had no idea whatsoever until I finished the book and went looking for #1 to add to my wish list, that David and Rambo were acquainted.

I like it here. Off “The Grid”