Big Pond

One fish, two fish
Me fish, you fish

Plenty of fishes
Wishbone wishes

That little fish
What a dish!

But wait what’s this
A Bait and switch

Not rainbow trout
Just a big ole mud pout

All the little fishes
With their fishy little wishes

Swimming in the same old puddle
Same old worms, same old trouble

Plenty of fish? Yeah, well… Maybe
They all look like sharks to me

This little mermaid went to the ocean
This little mermaid crossed the sea
This little mermaid loves a sailor
That has yet to capture she

One fish, two fish
Old fish, new fish

Plenty of shark-ish
Dangerous liasons-ish
Methinks I’ll stay alone-ish
In my lovely, landlocked home

~ kei
9 April 2015

Big Surf Blind Date

5 thoughts on “Big Pond

  1. AnElephantCant write clever rhymes
    He thinks that mackerel can sound just like cockerel
    He wants to be Dr Seuss
    But of course it is no use
    His limericks all end up as doggerel


    • AnElephantCant is a most skilled magician
      At clever and amusing wordsmithin’
      Seussian purists might moue
      At Karin’s poorly rhymed poo
      But now she feels like the best poetician!

      Merci cher Elephant tu me donne une grand sourir cet après-midi


    • Thank you! I was having a little fun with the dating scene – my perception anyway. PoF and whatnot make me miss high school – when guys’ jeans were tight, their circle of friends was their “bio” and I wouldn’t mind the jock girls stuffing me in a locker for being the Punk/Goth who got the halfback on the football team! (that bit was true, lol!) 🙂 🙂

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