Fooled And Foolish

What… another piece about love… ?

This is just another piece about love. More about the lack thereof.

These days, it’s getting harder to remember what it felt like to feel like there was a person that felt just like I did for them… run on, run on…

All I do now is jot down ramblings with this digital pen. And reminisce about being happier then.

Callouses form on my palms, nails digging into the fists balled, and there is a scar on my head from banging it against the wall. Nail my heart to that cross

Remembering that I once had it all…

Floating so very high, looking down at cloud 9, who’s ever ready for the fall?

There is always love, at least that’s what I’m told. Question is… will I have it again before my heart grows cold and before I’m too fucking old to care about this fool’s game anyway?

Wherever you are Love… I’ll be thinking of you… Whispering the words still…

Into the void, until death us do…

And all that shite

~ kei
1 April 2015

9 thoughts on “Fooled And Foolish

  1. I can totally relate to this post Karin. Being in the same situation I have no advice or words of hope. The blind leading the blind. I can though offer you a hug from Spain. Hug (from Spain) 😀 Ralph ❤

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    • Muchas Gracias señor 🙂
      I guess I’m just tired of “love”. The word is so highly overused and exploited. If you’ve only got “like” to give, just say so. Don’t bullshit. The world could use less obfuscation.
      Now that word I like! LOL

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      • lol. Hey ! I had to Google that word ! I agree with your reply so I will tell you why Karin.
        A few years ago I was enveloped in True Love which lasted about 10 minutes. An experience which cannot be explained, just experienced. Nothing mattered, my whole mind and body succumbed to it. My legs folded. I cried with happiness and joy. The colours of flowers became dazzling brilliant. Love just is. So powerful !
        Most people touch the edges of Love and twist and distort what it really is. So, this is why I agree with you.


      • Love is beautiful and I believe in it. I’ve become disenchanted by people and “stuff” that I’ve observed online. I miss so much that dizzy, dazzling feeling – as though there is a 7th sense that’s only present when we’re in love – I know there’s someone out there who’ll give that back to me. Unreservedly, unstintingly and untamed.
        Keep the faith dear friend 🙂

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      • Your reply is so wonderfully positive Karin. I do hope that “someone” and yourself do meet and together you both enhance your lives. 😀


  2. I think your post picture tells the whole story. Love burns and then cools. It Freezes and then thaws, then burns again. It is the human condition. Embrace it.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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