Vernal Equinox

Oh beautiful man!
My most precious Love
You are here at last
Sent with warmth from above

I’ve tarried to long in this frozen hell
I have ached for your touch
Flayed with torturous constraint
Endured so much

Lovers perfidious, foolish or young
Left my true self in chains
The sight of you, my Green Man
Fire streaks through my veins

One kiss my darling
With your lips like wine
Bring me into your sunlight
I shall make you mine

~ kei
20 March 2015

God and Goddess

2 thoughts on “Vernal Equinox

    • Thank you!Though there is still snow on the ground here, I can almost feel earth beneath saying (not at all poetically) enough is enough! The sun’s been warm, the breeze too and The Great White North is coming back to life 🙂

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