What’s Important…

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My humble opinion? Let it never be said that I squandered my Present by worrying about my outward appearance in the Future.
(and I hope I look as effing fabulous as this model some day)

I gotta say: it’s a sad commentary on humanity when tattoos, an “older” woman with hair longer than her ears, or dressing unconventionally; generates more discussion, outrage, or unsolicited opinion than say, unsafe drinking water, the corruption of religious and political leaders or child abuse…

From Buzzfeed article tattoo

Just a quick note: I’ve been finding it hard to catch up on my reading and responding on WordPress. Some of you know that I have a two other active blogs, a full and a part time job and a family. The volume of wonderful posts is sometimes overwhelming, especially when my M.E. kicks up and I hope you’ll forgive me if I miss something. Always know that your visits are what keeps me going  and are very much appreciated. ~ kei

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  1. This is an awesome post and it is so true, people do have a definite idea on what a Sage “older woman” should look like, act like etc. We are the generation of the sixties, seventies and we are here to break the rules!
    Write On!

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