Stuck In A Moment

Caught in the middle when I should be at the end
all I’ve got is this grey area, the in between the lines
This passionate push of passive aggressive pen

My life’s been marked pending
in a lineup never-ending
you catching the vibe that I’m sending?
this fire in me needs loving and tending

Cant we just talk to each other
no agenda, bullshit free
no preconceptions
no misconceptions
you said I had predilections
best enlighten me

I thought that was just loving
Thought it was just us, you see?
Who made this a game, changed up all the rules
and didn’t tell me

I’ll play if you want
Give me time to catch up
I’ll harden my heart
I’ll learn how to bluff

Who am I kidding
I won’t
I can’t
If I gotta do this to be on your radar
Then colour me incognito

Put me in the long ago lovers’ witness protection
Don’t even look in my direction
All I have here for you is me
I’m not changing how I be

Not even for you…

~ kei
February 2014

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