An Urgent Request

Some of my friends here are from the MO area. Please have a look and help spread the word.
Many thanks for your help ~ kei

My Tangled Yarn Knitting Adventures

This not a knitting post but a personal one. More of a plea really. A friend is in trouble and needs help. This is my only avenue to reach any many people as possible! And I just feel helpless so I have to do something.

This is Greg Garcia and he’s been missing since Feb 15th from the Kansas City Mo area. His family is desperately seeking him as his health is poor.




This man is a talented actor, genius photographer, and sweet soul. I know most of my readers aren’t in the Kansas area but just in case you are, please keep a look out!

Please message me if you have any info. The family has filed missing persons reports and hired a private investigator. So many people are missing this guy I just wanted to do my part.

And now back to knitting posts…

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