St. Hallmark Day Annual Post

Once again, St. Hallmark Day is almost upon us. This means it is time to assault your eyes with my traditional St. Hallmark post. The tradition began on Facebook – that keeper of all events and occasions – several years ago and continues to amuse me. So…

Y’all are my Valentine Victims! Mwa-hahahahaha!! Welcome to the Massacre!


I’ve thought this is a rather crass, tawdry, contrived and generally tasteless occasion from the time I was in my teens and even during the years that I had the best Valentine on the planet. For you that like it, do carry on. For those that don’t, sing along with me or mock. Mocking is a highly underrated skill and therapeutic tool ;-).


Epistle of Undying Affection:

Oh! My baby makes me feel so fine
My crabby but sweet little porcupine
Lovin’ her, it hurts so good
Just like my Mama said it would
Her quills are tipped with Love Potion #9
My prickly and funny valentine
You know I ain’t never gonna leave her
Cause she’s my red and white hot-blooded
All tattooed and studded
Best Canadian Beaver!

~ kei


Mood music:

Whatever happened to the beautiful boys of my flaming youth?

Shush now! It was a rhetorical question. 😉

2 thoughts on “St. Hallmark Day Annual Post

  1. AnElephantCant be a crabby but sweet little porcupine
    He does not have big sharp scary prickles
    He agrees St Val’s is bunk
    But if you stroke his trunk
    You discover how wonderfully sensationally it tickles


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