Facts and Fables…Fighting PTSD

An excellent piece about PTSD that dispells some common myths about this very real and often misunderstood disorder.
Having this is terrible and isolating, Sharing this helps bring it out of the dark.


Before you assume, learn the facts_ Before you judge, understand why_ Before you hurt someone, feel_ Before you Speak, think_Like with every mental problem or disorder, there are a lot of fables and mythsabout PTSD. That’s not that strange, people can’t see it or they don’t understand it, but it can be very frustrating to those of us who suffer from it.

So, let’s set some things straight today! 🙂


Fable 1

Only veterans can get PTSD.

Nope. Anyone who suffers from a traumatic experience can get PTSD.

(Sexual) abuse, the sudden death of a loved one, domestic violence, serious injury, witnessing or going through a terrifying event and more are all causes for PTSD.

Fable 2

Everyone who experiences a life-threatening event will develop PTSD.

Although it’s true that a lot of people have symptoms of PTSD after a life-threatening event, they can reduce after a couple of months. But, only when you still have the symptoms of PTSD 10 months after the event, you might develop PTSD. There…

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