Tasting Tears

She cries in the rain and stares until she’s blinded at fiery sunsets

She drinks from the ocean, falls to her knees

And writes his name in the sand

She crashes into the pain this brings like the waves on the shore

She’s been scuttling about, trying to gather the pieces of her life

Strewn upon the floor, just like the mirror she shattered because he always said she was beautiful and she couldn’t find beautiful in the mirror

Her hands are cut and bleeding; pulling back the fragments, desperately trying to make them stick

And they prick…

The tender insides, the hidden chambers that she’s tried so hard to protect from this agony

She is a self-appointed mad scientist resurrecting a heart and soul that should by rights be dead. Only the bruises remain, purple, yellow, green

To the outside world, unseen…

Her heart has been shredded countless times by the world she ran from, trying desperately to hold onto herself

And though all the threads that bound her to that old life have been mercilessly cut

Her Angels give her back to this world, with a gentle hush, a kiss of down-like words, a caress against her ears to say

“Little One, it isn’t yet your time. We will meet again but not this way”

 So, she gathers the shards, smiles through the pain and though her body must reside in a world where strangers are cruel and lovers die…

She searches still for the man who will see the stars that shimmer behind her eyes

~ kei
26 January 2015

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