… And so random that unless you know me – as in we’ve been in the same room together – you won’t get it.

“What? Can’t you see I’m in shock? I’ve got a blanket.”

I haven’t followed television since “Twin Peaks” went off the air. Well… “The Walking Dead” and “Hell On Wheels” in their inaugural years. I have a large screen-like thing that is essentially a paper weight, never even plugged in.

Tonight though… I have been seduced. By a man who looks like a cross between Bob Ross and the alien opera singer in “The Fifth Element”. He had me at knitting… in an internet meme.

I have now watched the pilot episode of “Sherlock Holmes” on a web-based service and I am beyond smitten!

Sherlock, I have loved you since you flowed from Conan Doyle’s nib… the other boys don’t stand a chance against that sexy brain of yours!

Now if you’ll excuse me…

I have some marathon telly watching to attend to 😉

~ kei

21 January 2015

7 thoughts on “Aside

  1. I really need to focus but my anxiety issues make me kind of scatter-brained and I find that refinement in my writing makes my blogs more valid. I struggle but gain confidence for a few bloggers here who welcomed me to Word Press/.


  2. AnElephant is also a committed fan of Mr Holmes.
    Sadly he does not see TV since his move to the sunshine, but the first series with this young upstart as The Great Detective is stunning.


    • I’ve sat through the first three episodes back to back. I must stop before my eyes fall out. This has been done brilliantly! I love that Holmes hasn’t been dumbed down or made ridiculous and even more impressed that Watson has been elevated from staid and slow sidekick. The modern edge and camera work really adds to the show. It’s certainly been worth the long hiatus 🙂


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