Henceforth and Forthwith

I have traded today’s birthday for this one…

(Dances around the kitchen) It’s my birthday… I can trade if I want to… trade if I want to… Oh shit! I think I threw my back… No. No, wait… That was a knee… or maybe… What the heck is that silvery stuff in my hair?!!

Dagnabbit and tarnation!! (I think those are the correct words for this age group???)

Well I’m off to the store to buy flaming skull decals for my walker and orthotics for my Converse Chucks!!

Me Eighteen

8 thoughts on “Henceforth and Forthwith

    • Thank you! 😊 There are a lot of January babies in my world, it helps to warm up this otherwise frosty time of year. You can borrow it anytime! I intend to not ” go gentle into that good night” but to dance and rock and generally set a terrible (or great!) example 😎

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    • Thank you Dearest Elephant. I’m both pleased to be having a birthday and a little shocked by the increased number of candles on the cake 😉


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