We Never Finished That Conversation…

“me:  There are words that are hard to read but the reasons behind are completely understandable. One person can’t replace another in a loved one’s life; only make a new place in their heart.

Your experiences, the people you’ve loved and lost all these things make up who you are and I want you. I want you to heal and move forward yes but always knowing there were beautiful things before that don’t take anything away from me or from us.

You must acknowledge the pain and there will be angst. If there wasn’t then you wouldn’t be the man I think you are nor would you have acquired the grace and strength to become the man you’re meant to be. Acknowledging means finding context and moving forward, in a new way but not necessarily a way that means the past is forgotten.

It means you can begin anew. Clean.”

~ kei

I don’t know the date but sometimes, I would draft my responses to you before hitting “Send”. When you began to descend into the madness, we could got as lost in the fighting words as we did in the loving ones, the beautiful poetry and duets. At our end, such as it was; I wanted – needed – to be sure that I was truly reaching you with the one thing I knew you always cherished.

My words…

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