Writing Under The Influence

Day 12: 17:00 hours: The siege has gone on for 12 days now.

Exhausted but undaunted, I continue to forge ahead in the hope of seeing the viral enemy retreat. My cold supplies ran out 3 days ago and I have endured by foraging for the indigenous medicine chest inhabitant “aspirin”. Desperation drove me from my foxhole this hour in search of more useful ammunition. Disguised as a Walmart shopper; carefully dishevelled and sporting pink polar bear pj’s under a dowdy down coat and lace up Sorels, I carefully made my way in the -13ºC early evening dark to the drug store. Dodging the ice covered sidewalk cracks and fissures and the pitying stares of passerby and praying to not run into Prince Tardypants or an ex-boyfriend, either of whom might blow my carefully contrived and utterly convincing baglady charade, thank god for my trusty hood! I stormed the drugstore like a horde of boogerous sloths, seized tissues, bonus-sized Advil cold and sinus and returned from what is a 10-minute walk in just over 18 minutes. The enemy is gathering force but I am determined. I shall prevail. I shall be victorious. I shall… get my silly arse back to bed…

~ kei
6 January 2015

… under the influence of creme de Earl Grey and extra-strength Advil Cold & Sinus!

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