Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “New”

A new bloom on one of my miniature ice orchids.

The mini variety was new to me, I hadn’t kept any indoor plants since moving out of my home but for my two Philodendron; grown from slips of my Great Gran’s when I was a teen. I fell in love with these tiny, exotic orchids and thought I’d give them a whirl despite their temperamental reputation.

This is the first flush of bud and bloom since I purchased this one of the four. New home, new hope, new colour and life.

This is my first try at the Weekly Photo Challenge and that’s new for me too 🙂

More blooms! Second of four mini ice orchids flowers :)

©Karin Bole Tupper


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “New”

  1. Lovely:). You are going to enjoy the weekly photo challenge. It is addicting. I fund myself waiting every friday morning for the Daily Post to announce the theme. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes a challenge. But always exciting:). Welcome to the play group!


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      • yeah my PKD symptoms are very much like getting the flu an i can relate seems to send me to the hospital evry few months er so like this last month twice so yes i can relate! love & light ur way! Q ❤


      • Ugghh… It’s such a hassle to lose any minutes to any disease or illness, isn’t it? Thankfully, no hospital or doctor for me this time. I sure did want my Mum a time or two though 🙂 Here’s hoping the next month for you is free of any of that. Take care ~ k

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