Shadow Whispers from a Stranger

I don’t normally do so much reblogging but this piece by Marcus spoke to me deeply.
My Son has had an incredibly hard journey. It began with bullying in the extreme that I only found out about in the last two years. It was followed by several very hard years where he made very bad decisions. During this time, we didn’t always see him and sometimes didn’t hear from him.
He would come home remorseful and always reassuring of his love for his family. Many nights though, I lay awake wondering if I would be getting “The Call” that night.
My boy is slowly getting back on track. He is surviving, making better choices and someday may come to realize the full potential that he has. For now, I am grateful and feeling more than blessed to have him here.
Marcus post for “Boo” and the comments from Boo’s Mum, stirred an echo in my Mother’s heart for my sweet “Bee” and the journey we’ve been on.
Thank you Felicia, for posting these recent pieces. I appreciate them as fully as his older followers and friends.