Mastered II

I am a lion tamer

As I pad softly from the bedroom
Clad in my uniform of a French pedicure
And his blue, button-down oxford
Dropped on the floor just moments ago
Still faintly warm, infused with scent
Cypress, sandalwood and bergamot
Enticing, inciting, fortifying my courage

Stepping into the hushed light
Steamy air, charged atmosphere
He growls in distemper
Another day in the jungle
I draw near, no fear
Control is mine in the moment
A firm hand and he quiets

I am the master
Pulling his head to my knees
Pouring hot water through his mane
Luxuriant dark waves, threaded in silver
He is experienced, used to command
Yet yields to touch, slowly relaxing
Into the palms of my hands

Obedient and content
His throaty growl is very like a purr
I even dare kiss the small curve
Of lips under his whiskers, entranced
As rivulets of water course over
His powerful shoulders, chest, biceps
Joining the pool where his knee is an island

Quiet, yet remains untamed
He takes advantage of my dropped guard
My attention distracted by his desire
Growing more evident long minutes now
Cat-like swift, pulls me down with him
Seduced by his ferocious hunger
Subdued by warm, wet skin
The feel of teeth through wet cotton

I am a lion tamer

~ kei
9 December 2013

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