Still Burning Bright

I have had to relearn trust in my instincts

There was trepidation in breaking it off

Was that niggle in my brain just residual fear?

Let’s face it

I’m pretty canny, quick wits, quick feet and can scent a predator but

I got took down by the King of Big Game Hunters on the Internet Serengeti

Not this time though

Validation comes from the strangest places
I find the truth of my life in strangers’ faces

Too bad that other’s can’t yet see
But that one revelation is enough for me

Sniffed you out like Tanqueray
Now I’m The One That Got Away

I may be twice shy but I’m not twice bitten
You messed around with the wrong Kitten

~ kei
6 December 2014

Tiger Woman black white

Tyger, tyger…