I know you haven’t got the answers
To any of these crazy questions

Turning, dipping
Twirling, twisting

Kinetic acid-dropping dancers
Whirling dervish synapse prancers

That steal the show throughout the night
In this theatre of the strange

That is my mind

~ kei
17 November 2014

7 thoughts on “Questionable

  1. AnElephantCant tell you the answer
    But he has a surprisingly sensible suggestion
    It is easier, dearie
    To answer your query
    If you can just write something that looks ever so slightly more like a question


    • The who, the when, the where, the why
      Too much space do they occupy
      They crowd out the creativity
      And the words they inspire are not poetry!
      (Are all boys dumb? Present pachyderm excepted)


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