When you said that the rain followed you everywhere I was relieved
I’ve been wandering in this desert for so long now
My heart is parched and my soul is scorched

And baby, from where I was standing the tornado in your voice
Well, that sounded like a little bit of heaven, like a promise
To a body going too long on nothing

The rain started in the afternoon and I thought, I can hang on
I waited in the heat and the blast furnace of doubt and pain
The skies were open but you never came

My knees are bruised and bleeding from crawling across this lava floor
Curled in a ball trying to hang onto myself, don’t turn inside out
Shadows chase themselves across my fevered skin

Hours ticked down, the knock never came, only the lightning and the rain
Had you come, I’d let you in, anything to cool this fevered skin
Adrift.. Alone… Too bad I never learned to swim

~ kei
7 July 2012

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