My Voice ~ Persephone

Disclaimer: though  I’ve done Voice Over work, it’s been in a studio with technicians and professional equipment. Mostly, I wanted the cadence of this piece to be felt and it was done for my Mum and Dad. Bear with the pops and crackles s’il vous plaît.

And the words, from the previous post:

You ask me child, how many years
How many , how many tears
For all these seasons
Hark ye to the reasons

These drops of blood, like pomegranate seeds
Falling into this dust, unto these weeds
They sully what Demeter holds dear
Falling on the earth that lies so sere
They are the tith to honour the deal
Recompense for what Hades did steal

For what is Life but the held breath
The seasons weep as they turn toward death
And not a penny, not a farthing
Can stop a Mother’s heart from grieving

Yet the dying bargain
So they plead
And they manouever
For just one more dream
One more dawn
One more summer

The blooming rose of each drop
Each precious ruby seed
Is payment in kind
To see Persephone freed
What her mother’s tears hath
Left to die by grief’s neglect

Stirs under the sacrifice
Of blood, sweat and death
Blood spilled upon the dust again
Atonement in a drop of rain

~ kei
26 October 2014

3 thoughts on “My Voice ~ Persephone

    • An Elephant is too kind 🙂
      I hoped my voice would give the words the ballad feel that I intended; something I wasn’t sure came through from simply reading them.
      I’m so glad you liked it.
      Even more glad that no mention of earplugs was made! 😉


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