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Prompt #78 “Persephone”26 October 2014

From MLMM’s description:

“Today’s prompt comes to us from Jen at Blog It or Lose It! If you haven’t heard the fabulous news already Jen has joined MLMM and will be working together with Bastet on the now expanded Shadorma Challenge. Jen will be teaching us about the different forms of poetry =)

Watch the video (warning it is a bit disturbing) and create!”

From me: THERE IS A SN_KE AT THE BEGINNING!!!  I almost couldn’t watch…


You ask me child, how many years
How many debts, how many tears
The Gods command the turn of seasons
Hark ye now to hear  the reasons

These drops of blood, like pomegranate seeds
Falling into this dust, unto these weeds
They sully what Demeter holds dear
They fall to heal the earth that’s laying sere
They are the tithe to honour the deal
Recompense for what Hades did steal

For what is Life but a held breath
The seasons weep as they turn toward death
And not a penny, not a farthing
Can stop a Mother’s heart from grieving

And yet the dying bargain
So they plead
They manoeuver
For just one more dream
One more dawn
One more summer

The blooming rose of each blood drop
Each precious ruby-coloured seed
Is payment in kind
To see Persephone freed
What her mother’s tears hath left
To die in dust by grief’s neglect

Stirs under this, the sacrifice
Of our blood, our sweat and death
Spilled upon the dust again and again
Humankind’s atonement in a drop of rain

~ kei
26 October 2014

7 thoughts on “Persephone ~ MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie

  1. “Hark ye now to hear the reasons”—-I love this….it evokes a feeling of sitting on the edge of one’s seat, anxiously awaiting the telling of the myth that follows in a flow of poetic beauty.


    • Thank you so much for stopping by to read. I’m looking forward to reading yours (and others) take on this. Great prompt, yes?
      The video was intensely dark but it spoke to me.


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