Do we ever stop being parents?
It’s 3:00AM and I was drifting in that space between dream and awake.
I was woken out of that dream by my daughter screaming. In the dream I looked back in terror and she was terribly hurt.
I haven’t had these dreams since my babies were small and now I have to endure the rest of the night in this residual terror and nausea that is left in the wake of spent adrenaline.
No, I can’t text. It’s three in the morning and she’ll laugh at my fey notions or be mad.
I miss the years when I could fall asleep and stay there.

5 thoughts on “Aside

  1. I know the feelings I wake sometimes crying real tears from those horrible dreams..I miss my daughter too she moved out last year at age 19 to live with her boyfriend now I rarely hear from her, its very sad. Also I just dont sleep well anymore generally argh!


    • I think only a mother can know this. I was crying and utterly terrified. It’s been a long time since that’s happened. I rarely sleep well the last couple years too. It’s sometimes good for creative pursuits but other times, my thoughts run away with me it seems!


      • I spoke to her shortly after posting and of course she’s fine – what is up with Mother’s Intuition when it goes haywire like that? Hopefully tonight, “Mumma Bear” will rest easier 🙂

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      • I just woke up and after having pain killers at 5am for my back I also had a weird dream about my daughter graduating hundreds of kids walking the streets with parents and they all had special clothes I couldn’t find my daughter so I felt she forgot me so I was crying . I woke up with watering eyes. Damn annoying these dreams!


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