So, all the preparations are over and the event went off with out a hitch but for the hitchin’ of my nephew Dave and his lovely bride, my newly-minted niece Tasha. For those who wondered: I did not burst into flame crossing the church threshold. I felt a little warm but that could have been a hot flash!
Hey, anything’s possible…

I love weddings and it’s been a long spell since we had one in our family. What I love them for in particular, is the get together with family. It’s only these milestone occasions that I see my own aunties and uncles and my nanny, who of all my grandparents is still here to love and guide us. Our clan is large and having them all in one room with Tasha’s family was wonderful!

There is something to be said for making vows and creating a new family within the larger family circle of so much love. I have sometimes taken for granted the huge reach and the variety of the arms that surround me but they were there in abundance this Saturday past. Seeing these two make their vows in the church where I made mine was an intensely emotional and yes, beautiful experience. We are so lucky to be adding another wonderful family member.

I am grateful today as my immediate family celebrates Thanksgiving, for this reminder of the immense value of family ties, of love, loyalty and grace. Thankful that even with changes in circumstance, that the underlying love and caring are still very much in evidence when we get together. Grateful that some ties cannot be severed regardless of the trials or hardships we’ve faced. I feel truly blessed and hopeful. Yes, hopeful.

Thanksgiving is about what we’ve achieved, reaped or had bestowed upon us but it will always remind me too, there is always hope for more opportunities to share, to grow and to love. Now…

Bring on the turkey!

~ kei
13 October 2014