She was a Monster

As I mentioned in my comment, I was riveted to the screen as I read this.
The single best gift you can give a friend who is sharing a similar story with you, is your belief. The fact is, Narcissist Abuse and how it is manifested by these predators will challenge your belief. It did mine, and my story is Charles’ with some variation. Even now, I am subjected to anything from benign disbelief and incredulity to flat-out blame and accusation.
Please read this exceptionally informative piece. Narcissist sociopaths present fairly equally in both genders but the stories of male victims are much fewer than female. It’s important to set aside our notions about victims of abuse in all instances and to encourage our sons and daughters to speak, tell and not be cowed by people who are simply not well-informed enough to believe. My sincere appreciation to Madeline for allowing me to reblog.

Madeline Scribes

There are some things only a handful of people know simply because I have not shared them. To me, they became sacred after my friend was tragically taken from us a few years ago. But today I think his truth needs to be told and in a way that he would want it to be told. I don’t think he would mind one bit.

Some people choose you and some are just a part of your life by default, but when a hive involving many, many folks from all walks of life comes to you equipped with people ready to attack you, that’s when life can get very disturbing. That’s what happened to me and the roller coaster ride I was about to take, along with the strange, unusual twists and turns I would experience trying to understand exactly how any of this happened, would take years for me to unravel. But…

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