Don’t Vote For Pedro!

Vote for me!

I’m sorry. That was so NOT Canadian. I’m sorry you’ll need to be Canadian to get the joke. Sorry about that 😉

It’s that time again!

The nomination process for the 2014 Canadian Blog Awards have begun.

If you’ve been enjoying what you read on The Eclectic Poet, I would appreciate so much if you’d consider voting for me. You can do this by clicking right here —> Voting

You don’t have to be an official “Follower” and an account is not required to vote – many of my readers – Mum, this is YOU – drop by to visit and don’t have a WordPress account :).

There’s more information to be found about the awards on Jonathan’s blog here —> Canadian Blog Awards

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6 thoughts on “Don’t Vote For Pedro!

  1. AnElephantCant vote for Pedro
    His current schedule is far too hectic
    He does vote for Karin
    He thinks she’s always starring
    But AnElephantCant even nearly spell eclectic


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