Proposal of Peter the Poetic Predator

Permit me a rant?
Seeing as I’ve pretty much outed myself and there are several here who know the score… Some witless fool, who should be shown what he thinks of her via his emails to me, is promoting the piece of excrement who ruined my life, on her public forum. Short of slapping her silly (which is frowned upon) I can only say this:

Who in their right mind insists on portraying a liar, a thief and a fraud;
As something wonderful, talented and deserving of laud?

Even with the truth right in front of their eyes
They insist on perpetuating more and more lies

How can you sleep at night, knowing you promote a liar
The evidence is everywhere, found by Professionals for hire

Who would be so callous, cruel and low to flaunt this monster?
Are you clueless or heartless, I really do wonder

~ kei
30 September 2014

Poetic Proposal 1

Poetic Proposal 2

Poetic Proposal 3

3 thoughts on “Proposal of Peter the Poetic Predator

  1. I’m sorry to hear you still have to deal with that Ms. Karen. Knowing first hand the damage Peter caused to you life. Again I’m truly sorry.
    Best wishes


    • I love the complete idiocy of his sycophantic harem. One foolish woman defending him with “What about his children, who you say you care about?” Really?? What about my chlldren? They were devestated by the impact of Peter.
      Predator used his children in his game, right down to fake accounts purporting to be them in order to manipulate me. I think I can more than justified in not playing the “sanctify the slimeball” game.


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