I Got Nuthin’

I got so much nuthin’ it’s overflowing

Enough blank to make a verse

Tired and uninspired

Wanting to hibernate

Wishing for luck

Wishing on stars

Fey thoughts of Sugar Daddies

In the wee sma’ hours

And I wish that I was smarter

I wish that I was pretty

I wish that I could travel

To a warmer city

My thoughts are on a hamster wheel

God bless this ADD

For even in this blasé state

I can still find poetry

~ kei

24 September 2014

5 thoughts on “I Got Nuthin’

    • It was a hard decision to be here alone, not my nature but I’m growing as a person. Learning a lot about the recent past, how it’s shaped me and how I’ll be with that as part of my story now.
      Thank you for your support, truly. ~ kei


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