Petites Pensées

The problem with today’s society is that we have the ability to fling whatever garbage we want, whenever we want and with zero regard for the implications.

Even to ourselves.

Compound that with; we can fling it at the push of a button, or a couple of keystrokes.

You can’t expend effort in your need for immediate gratification of the desire for revenge and be surprised at the outcome.

There are countless opportunities to strike out at someone. Some might be justified. Most are not. Choose your words wisely.

Your anger will dissipate. The wound your angry words leave will not.

~ kei

17 September 2014

4 thoughts on “Petites Pensées

  1. This is so true and very good advice Karin. When I’m angry, I make a conscious effort not to press “send” before I’ve taken the time to cool off. I find that once I’ve done that, I either don’t send the message or I scale back my rage substantially. Great post.


    • Thank you Dom. I learned that lesson the hard way long ago. I have an incendiary temper and I know to walk away before I loose my tongue. There are some things you just can’t take back.


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