Waterfall Memories

Slowly now is the order of the day
Footsteps leading over waterfalls
Rainbow coloured mists
Dancing in shafts of sunlight
Turning to the whisper
The sound of my name
On his lips
An echo of love
From long ago

Measured tread and full breaths
No longer cutting the trail
Letting the path make me
Bending me like the willows
Lining the shore I travel
Trailing leaves in waters
That have passed this way
Since my ears were first kissed
By the sound his voice made
Woven into the shadows
Cast upon the waves
Where our younger selves passed

Slowly do I seek and now find
The long ago me I thought left behind
She is laughing still, wet
With teasing and waves
Warm in his arms
Wrapped in a Letterman’s sweater
The girl and the boy
Live here yet

~ kei
9 September 2014

Hog's Back Falls Autumn

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