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‘Cause this was the proverbial “burr under the saddle” – here’s a link to a piece from a writer who deserves way more attention:

A Farewell To WordPress: https://alienorajt.wordpress.com/2014/09/06/different-blogsites-a-farewell/


I agree with the points that Ali has made so strongly I had to reblog her piece. Share! I’ve shared it. Gotta get those terms right.

(I’m not a big “reblogger”, it always seemed somewhat sycophantic to me)

There have been a few occasions since my return to WordPress last September when I’ve felt much the same as she. My set up and introduction scant months before exit, were too short and consumed with the whirlwind of staged drama of Peter the Poetic Predator trying to get me right back off to have an informed opinion.

(in those days, I didn’t follow much. I thought that having some sort of relationship to the blog author should exist before a “follow” was given and I didn’t want to look like a self-serving “like monkey”)

I don’t feel attacked for my opinions, thank goodness! My blog simply doesn’t generate enough interest that way. It is true though, I tailor what is written for “The Eclectic Poet”. I’ve noticed trends of likes and follows, how they drop off after publication of certain pieces and what falls absolutely flat here. Case in point: I have a decent number of followers but on posting that I’d just published a new ebook, only ten people liked the post. I am grateful for that but not one person offered a comment, not even of congratulations. Is WordPress not a writing forum?

(having to set up a separate blog in order to not be judged… I hate chopping off bits of myself but… there you are)

I do observe as Ali has pointed out, the popularity contest aspect of WordPress. I am less hurt by that than I am by the High School actions of some people here. The writing truly has become secondary and recently, I feel like it’s just a waste of time for me. I am painfully aware that the gossip of others has cost me likes, follows and worse; the potential respect and mentoring of writers that I admire on WordPress. Simply by virtue of a disingenuous person having bent their ear first.

(never mind that he orchestrated and manufactured my making my blog private for a year and browbeat me for having any writing available to the public eye!)

I’ve sometimes posted an apology for not getting round to visit and read. This is because I notice that if I don’t, my readership drops off. It would follow then, the content I produce is not the draw but merely the reciprocal “likes”. I don’t have much of an ego but I do know that I’m a good writer. Not great. Good. I was published at twenty. I love what I do and I love to share it. Of course, I want validation from fellow writers. The fact is, writing can only ever be a hobby for me. WordPress (and associated social media) is a full time job for which I do not have the cycles.

(I often write on sticky notes or meeting minutes whilst at the job that feeds me)

I want my writing respected because I make the effort from a very busy real world and what I put here has a lot of thought and care in it. I don’t post everything I write because some of it IS wretched shite! Therein lays the rub…

(of course there’s a rub, I’m always whinging lately it seems)

Here’s what it is:
I work full-time for the Federal Government. In health care; for the most disadvantaged segment of Canadian society – my people. We are something of an “essential service”. Only dismemberment might be adequate reason to call in absent and even then, you might be told to gather up your severed limb and get your arse to work! I will be taking a part-time job to make ends meet. This to better facilitate having Yule / Christmas with my children. The last two of those having been hijacked and decimated by Peter the Poetic Predator. I have a home with a garden to look after. A joy but also work. I have parents, grandparents and other extended family to spend time with. I have a home business to design, write and publish for and once in a blue moon, if PTSD will allow, I may go out with my best friend to musical events. When I am not doing those things, I knit, crochet and write for my hobbies. WordPress fits in there. I barely have time to write let alone be on here reading and liking, chatting and following. I make the effort to do so because I care. If I miss someone’s last week’s worth of posts, it’s likely because I’ve not got on to my Reader. I do all of this with M.E. – myalgic encephalomyelitis, the lesser-known, ugly autoimmune stepsister of Lupus and M.S. I don’t post about that much because I don’t want it to define me or my writing. I will say it is chronic, progressive and I will die of complications from it. It should also be known that this disease does not lead to me shooting off my mouth in public, expecting special treatment or exemption from being a decent human. No disease does.

(if you thought I was “wordy” before…)

It’s disheartening to notice that after even a brief absence, some people no longer swing by with even a like, let alone a comment but in truth, I’ve become accustomed to that. It irks me but I know to expect it. For me, the worst part of WordPress are those visits that are purely from “Ambulance Chasers”, that subset of WP users who (possibly, probably even talented) are here as much for the social – the shit end of social – as they are for reading and writing. The gossip, the innuendo, the sniping and backbiting.

(calling you out right now – y’all suck – and you probably read The Enquirer)

I write. I write some not bad stuff that goes virtually ignored and yet, let someone mention me or my location in a snipey poem, post or “behind the wall” communication and my stats explode! It doesn’t take a statistician or a Private Eye to see the paths, trends and poop. I know. Peter the Poetic Predator, left a poetical calling card on your blog or a beautifully worded comment on your “About”. That didn’t make him a poet; it made him popular. Popular folk seem to be able to drive the sheepy masses with this type of post and it speaks volumes to the integrity of some folk and to the pointlessness of using WordPress as a legitimate writer. Popular people are not nicer, smarter, more talented or honest. They are popular.

(Invitation still stands, questions don’t frighten me. Ignorance does)

Popular bloggers seem able to say and do whatever they want and with that they gain and maintain followers and momentum. PP once laughed and said to me he could write a poem about “taking a shit” and the women who followed him would fall all over it.  I laughed and agreed – he wrote some wretchedly putrid crap. Good thing he had that opposable thumb for copy and pasting non-shit. Meanwhile, decent writers are ignored. It’s utterly nonsensical and as I said way back at the top there, so high school. I know who the Mean Girls are. I know why you ignore my writing but slither over here any time you think you’ll see a train wreck. FYI: I don’t indulge in public sniping. I do present facts that are intended to correct a wrong. If you aren’t going to read what I say, then stay the hell away. I’m not afraid of stats anymore. I had a “human” decimate my life and humans and their lunacy is the only thing I fear. I don’t care about public temper tantrums or immature individuals who have the ability to type. I don’t care about people who are willfully blind and too stupid to ask questions before judging a complete stranger.

I’m here to write poetry, tell stories of the fictional and non-fictional variety and that is it. I have the love and respect of real people in the 3D world. If you won’t like or follow me because of someone else’ gossip, it’s your loss. I have something worthwhile to say and I agree wholeheartedly with what Ali has said in her post regarding the current state of the WP community.

(Much better written, a few different points and in fewer words than I. So go read her post!)

A Farewell To WordPress: https://alienorajt.wordpress.com/2014/09/06/different-blogsites-a-farewell/

~ kei
6 September 20

3 thoughts on “Writing, WordPress, Worship Of Popularity

  1. Well spoken as usual Karin. I hope you M.E. Has been leaving you at bay. Your words have always been inspiring. WP is fickle as are most free sites and popular will always exists regardless of platform or situation. Best of luck to you and yours.


  2. I think that the unfortunate thing about the Internet is that it gives the veneer of anonymity. People can indulge their secret nastiness without repercussions, and get away with things they never would in real life. I always read your posts, but I’m a “lurker” rather than a commenter most of the time 😛 Just keep writing! You reach more ears than you think.


    • You are so right! I am the same in my real life as I am here. Respectful and aware that the entire world does NOT need to know about every aspect of my personal life. I choose to share the parts that I believe will be helpful to others. I am grateful that you do read :). People have limited time and if they choose to read my words in that time, it makes me really happy!


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