Cheeseburger Chicanery

I couldn’t have anticipated the disquiet caused by “The Writer’s” thinly disguised taunting of the authorities.

As I sat to enjoy a very late breakfast / lunch at the very establishment that the world now knew was his “feeding” ground for juicy stories; that feeling overwhelmed me like a Limburger burger gone bad.

I glanced about me furtively. Who, I wondered, might be a poisoning, perhaps pilfering pachyderm potentially phishing for pen worthy protagonists among the unsuspecting patrons at the local McDonald’s?

I leapt to my feet, dashed to the door and ran to the Voracious Vegan Veggies-On-Wheels next door!


(With apologies and snickers to dear AnElephantCant for the inspiration.)

Now… Let’s eat! Do please peruse the phenomenal pennings of the murderously magnificent Sir Elephant for the apéritif 🙂


8 thoughts on “Cheeseburger Chicanery

    • The Eclectic is a huge fan of mystery
      She is also a lover of food
      When the two come together
      Like fries and a burger
      She’s relentless as good old Hercule

      Ahem. Needs some work, lol!


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