The Jar Of Hearts

Shortly after I moved to town, Mrs. Belinsky, the one lone friend that I’d made
Saw me take the envelope out of my mailbox and suddenly she looked very afraid

She said, “Honey, set that invitation down, there’s something you need to know.”
And with that, she began to tell me the story of the neighbourhood Romeo

“He has a jar of hearts on the mantelpiece, one that remains untouched.
He adds to it every week and then leaves them to cobwebs and dust.”

Girls come and go through the bedroom, they crave every sweet word he says
They don’t seem to notice the jar; they’re too charmed by his words and his ways

 Nothing but toys are what they are to him; he plays them at his will
The jar and his ego keep growing, a bottomless pit that nothing can fill

There’s talk in the town he can’t keep a girl, but they keep trying one after another
People pass by and notice the jar; they never think that he could be a murderer

“He’s far too cute, he can’t be a killer”, that is what they say
They don’t know he’s all hair dye and filter. Killing with words in his cruel little way

~ kei
25 August 2014

The Narc Next Door

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