Here Again Now

I walk to work every day now

Through a neighbourhood that I knew fairly well in my teens

My new neighbourhood and my old haunt

I fancy that echoes of my old self linger here

I see me sometimes

Looking through these eyes instead of hers

Slender, tanned, green eyes and black hair

Standing at the rail looking at the falls

Holding hands with a tall, dark brown-eyed boy

Full of dreams, laughing, singing together

I’m so glad to be back here again

Gathering up scattered pieces of me

Holding them tight to my battered soul

No one can steal what I don’t let go

And when I see her there

My soul it sings

To see the me I was

When I still had wings

~ kei

25 August 2014

Hog's Back Falls by KbT

Hog’s Back Falls by KbT

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