Warm summer nights and not too many more left. I heard a flock of Canada geese fly over at noon today and I wanted to run out into the back garden, wave my arms and shout “Not yet you bird brains!”

We northern hemisphere dwellers are still in summer mode though and the college boys who live next door, were sitting out a little earlier this evening; barbequeing their supper and, judging by volume and hilarity, they were well into their beer too.

One of them was a little further along then the others and laughing like a loon – this post is not about Canada’s birds, seriously – and everytime he’d laugh, I swear my ear was tuned to hear a lone banjo chord a la Deliverance! My uncharitable thought made me snicker a little as imagination ramped up – Who invited Eugene? He laughs like a serial killer! – and delivered a great line to describe him in some future story: “He had a laugh that told you he was the grade school kid who pulled the wings off of flies”.

On that note, I won’t be reading Stephen King tonight!

~ kei
23 August 2014