Muse II – Summer Nostalgia

An oldie…

Sweet funny Bear, I’m missing you like crazy today
Not too sure about the why but the feeling won’t go away

Maybe it’s the weather now, so hot and brilliant sun
Like summer days we spent together when we were young

Maybe it’s the summer nights, no air to dry the sweat
Our bodies making one of two, as close as we could get

Maybe it’s the way the sunshine’s beaming off the lake
Illuminates the boy in you, my heart does a double take

Maybe the sun and breeze have just woven a magic spell
Almost feel your beard against my lips… I remember so well

Maybe it’s that to see you smile still means so much to me
And makes the time without you seem just a bit lonely

Yes, I know our lives are separate now but you need to know it’s true
The best summer days and nights were the ones I had with you

© KeiB 22 July 2011

You and Me Then

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