Seven Years, Seven Tears

A day just like this one, Seven long years ago
Sun burnished the ocean, Set the green hills aglow
I wandered the cliffs, Lost in my thoughts
When I glanced to the cove, And so, I was caught

For there on the beach, Sitting alone in the sand
A portrait of lonely, The most beautiful man
A force drew me closer, Only to see he was a stranger
It seemed he’d been hurt, There was no sense of danger

As I drew nearer to him, He turned to look at me and smile
Beckoning, come sit with me, Rest here for a while
And as I drew nearer, To his place of repose by the sea
My heartbeat quickened, His knowing eyes captured me

Dark hair, braided with shells, was his only cover
Falling in waves over limbs finely wrought, like a lover
His eyes were dark as rowan bark, deep with mystery
His voice was like an angel’s, speaking in poetry

Was it the magic of the day, Or him, in truth, I can’t tell
But I seems I was destined to fall , Under his irresistible spell
I am called Liam, long have I watched, now called you to my side
You are my heart and soul’s desire, You are my chosen bride

Twenty four hours of heaven in his arms, Lulled by his siren song
A day that felt a span of seven, When I woke ’twas to find him gone
Leaving a note and a golden ring, The letter read in seven years
I’ll return to you again my Love, Wear my ring and do not fear

The triton brand on his left arm, Meant that he was one with the sea
My love belonged to the ocean, My beautiful Liam is of the Selkie
Just one day in seven years to be on land, A lover’s fate so cruel
To discover that my beloved could only live, Under Poseidon’s rule

Then the legend was told me, Of how he could be freed to remain
Were I to save one tear for each year he’d gone, collect them like the rain
And when in the cove again, Once he’d stepped from his seal skin
I should pour my tears upon the pelt, Making him a human man

Another beautiful day just like that one, Seems longer than seven years
And here I stand in the cove by the ocean, With my vial of tears
Liam swims to the shore, He sheds his guise in a wave of silver
Holding me in his arms, We pour the tears to free the man forever

~ kei

Liam as Selkie

3 thoughts on “Seven Years, Seven Tears

  1. Beautiful words as ways Kei, your writing has always been an inspiration. As I set upon the next stage of my life I wish you and yours the best.
    Another lifetime perhaps.


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