Ms. Poppins You Are Required

I lost my Self

Rather, my Self was locked in a closet

By a very bad man

The  monster is gone

No more Peter the Plagiarphilanderiphile Poet

Six months since I shut the door

The Frightening Fifield of Fuckover

Was dumped in the bin with his rubbish

And in certain moments I almost feel normal

My own Self realizes there won’t be hurt today

She flares up, happy, laughing, unafraid

Like a brief solar flare

I remember who I really am

But that brief moment of happiness

Is like a four-year old on apple juice

Running with scissors

Agog on the joy of freedom

Like all unguarded, unsupervised  expressions

Sometimes, it bumps into things, knocks them down

Things get damaged

There are inevitable hurts

My fledgling self

Needs an emotional Nanny

Oh Mary Poppins?

Have you a tether in that bag

Rein me in from these outbursts

Until I know how to walk like a grownup

How to love without damage

Laugh without hysteria

How to hear without the echo of the monster


~ kei

17 July 2014

4 thoughts on “Ms. Poppins You Are Required

  1. Oh my god, K, I can so identify with this. Beautiful imagery, so fine and fragile and hesitantly joyous. Hugs and hopes, Ali xxx


    • Thank you Ali, I guess that’s where I’m at in this whole recovery thing. Wanting desperately to get back to Me but just not quite there yet.
      It’s a process and so many ups and downs. I’m aiming for the calm eye of the storm today. Hope all is well with you. K~xx


  2. AnElephantCant let his friend be hurt
    It seems like some bad person cons her
    Please don’t be afraid
    If more nasties are said
    AnElephant pops round and sits on the monster


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